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COVID-19 Update

We're delighted that most states have begun a phased lifting of the Covid-19 quarantine order. The free domestic shipping that we offered during the quarantine will remain in force until the end of May, and our normal shipping rates will again apply beginning on June 1.

Please feel free to place your orders early and benefit from free shipping while you still can. (Please select the option "No Shipping (for classes and items collected personally)" when placing your order.)

Hadar is continuing to offer free real-time video consultations via Skype or Zoom until the end of May. Additionally, a broad array of online classes will soon become available here on our Web store. (To preview these classes, please click on the "Online Classes" button in the left-hand pane.) To arrange a free consultation, please email Hadar directly at hadarjacobson@gmail.com.

We hope you are all well and staying safe.


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