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Hadar's Clay™ - One-fire White Bronze 100 grams

White Bronze is a low-fire clay with a silver color which hardly ever tarnishes. It is recommended to use it in combination with other clays. A useful article about ways to use White Bronze successfully can be found here, on my blog.

Please download the Instruction Manual for Hadar's Clay™ One-fire Clays.

Hadar's Clay™ is metal clay in the form of powder. The powder is already mixed with a binder and all you have to do is add water. The advantages over pre-mixed clay are that you won't have to worry about shelf life, and that you can easily bring the clay to the desired consistency. Since it contains no preservatives, the clay is very forgiving, soft, pliable, and sticks well to itself. It mixes quickly, with no mess.

For mixing instructions see Mixing Instructions (Video).

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Hadar's Clay™ - One-fire White Bronze - 100 grams WB01$27.50
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